questions and answers

What is citron tea?

Citron tea is a concentration made from lemons and honey.  It’s thick like jam and makes a lovely refreshing drink.

How do I make this?
Just take a spoonful and dissolve it in hot water.  Because of the texture of the citron tea, it dissolves faster if you break it up in the bottom of the cup and then add hot water. Start with a teaspoon in a small cup or a tablespoon in a large cup and adjust to your taste.

What kind of tea is it?

Citron tea is a tisane (herbal tea).  There are no tea leaves or caffeine added… but you can also add it to your own favourite tea.

Where is the honey from ?

We use pure honey that comes from North of Peace River where the flowers are wild.

What else can I do with it?

Try it iced or with sparkling water, add it to a smoothie or use it to make an impressive cocktail.  You can even add it to plain yogurt.

How long does it last?  Does it have to stay in the fridge?

Unopened it will last up to a year.  Once opened it will keep in the fridge for about 6 months.  It keeps best in a cool dark place, separation may occur and is completely safe, just give it a stir to reconstitute.